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Greenhouses sell spring flowers and garden materials over Easter Weekend

CLARKSBURG Gardeners across North Central West Virginia were out in force on a bright Easter weekend, taking actions to prepare their flower and vegetable gardens.

Temperatures skyrocketed into the low 70s Saturday as staff at a number of regional greenhouses hustled to transplant seed starts, water fruit trees and measure out bags of seeds.

We got our Easter plants in, said Roy Jacob, owner of Plant the Seed in both Weston and Bridgeport.

He stated this weekend is an ideal time to plant spring flower bulbs such as begonias, dahlias and gladiolus.

Jacob invested Saturday afternoon making sure that adequate seed starts would be ready for the hundreds of gardeners he anticipates will be planting this week.

For the vegetable plants, right now we re currently offering cabbage plants, kale and all of the other cold crops, Jacob said.

He stated buyers were likewise buying lettuce, spinach, onion sets, seed potatoes, garlic bulbs, rhubarb and strawberries.

Peas are another thing you can plant right now, Jacob stated. As long as you can get them in the ground, they ll grow.

Peppers and tomatoes are two popular plants that Jacob is cautioning garden enthusiasts not to plant for at least another month.

People get excited. They wish to start planting those plants, but you can t do it, Jacob stated.

Throughout his profession, Jacob has actually seen the last freeze of the year come as late as May 26 almost 2 months away. He said the most safe method to keep from losing a whole crop is to give the weather a couple of more weeks to remain constant.

Brianna Hickman, an associate at Freed s Greenhouse in Bridgeport, stated she tells her clients that some things can be planted faster if the proper precautions are taken.

As long as you re making certain things are covered, you can plant as early as you desire, Hickman stated.

The majority of her sales Saturday were cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, in addition to mulch and fertilizers that gardeners are utilizing to prepare their soil. She s excited to have okra and asparagus for sale within the next week or more.

Hickman reminds each of her customers that they need to focus if they don t wish to lose their crop.

The nights still get quite cold, so if it s near to freezing and you ve currently planted, you must a minimum of be covering the plants, Hickman said.

Something Hickman likes about planting early is that a second crop can in some cases be planted and collected prior to completion of the year. Gardeners simply have to be wary of the spring s last frost.

I still believe there s going to be another frost, Hickman said. There s typically a minimum of one in April it s nearly guaranteed.

Hickman said one pointer she constantly offers gardeners is to examine the ground saturation below the surface area of the soil prior to watering, because often plants put on t need more water.

Don t over-water because that will kill things faster than anything, Hickman stated. Various plants have various water requirements.

Hickman and Jacob both stated their greenhouses are offering fruit trees.

It s a great time to plant fruit trees and berry bushes a lot of them are budding out currently, Jacob stated. The ground isn t frozen, so you have a likelihood to purchasing them in the ground, and the weather shouldn t affect them because their roots are listed below the frost line.

Robert Gompers, owner of Highland Nursery in Buckhannon, said a number of individuals who visited his shop Saturday would like to know more about species of flowers and shrubs that they might soon plant in their yards.

What everybody s doing is getting their tactical plan together, Gompers stated.

He said purchases lately are trending back to types that were popular long back.

The antique stuff that everyone s granny had in their yard is what people are wanting now, Gompers said. They rereleaseding brand-new things all of the time, however it seems like the stuff that was excellent back in the day is still good now.

Gompers said he s discovering homeowners have actually ended up being more engaged for many years, and this year s customers have continued that pattern.

People are investing a lot more time in their backyard now than they used to, Gompers said. I see a lot more dollars being spent on yards now than vacation. You have a destination right there in your lawn, so why go anywhere else?